Photo Journal: Don't Worry

Doing the photo journal a bit different this morning. My little sister gave me this cool notebook made by crayola called wild notes. The marker only writes in the notebook and it looks clear but show up rainbow! Soo cool I love it! I had to write this note to myself last night as a reminder to stay calm! Sometimes I tend to get very overwhelmed.

I been working all day everyday for the past couple of days gettting ready for these festivals.... I'm sooo excited and nervous. I opened my fortune cookie the other day to find this little saying that made me feel confident in my choices to the booth this year.

I also just wanted to throw in this large order that I finished for a lovely lady's wedding in october! 40 of them!! 

Also my best friend is having her first little one today! I can't believe it but I am sooo happy for her!
Love my Jessica!


  1. Lovely sentiments <3


  2. i want that fortune. excellent advice to remember on those late nights. :)


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