DIY Boot Cuffs

I been wanting boot cuffs or boot socks really bad. I love how they look and how they can literally upgrade your boots in one simple step of slipping them on. So I decided to try to make them. Can't be that hard right?

I bought a sweater and ribbed turtle neck from goodwill so I could have a back up if one unraveled apart. 
Total cost for both was 6 dollars.  
I made sure that the arms fit over my legs in the dressing room and that they were tight enough to hold themselves up.

I began by cutting the arms to both tops off at the seem. I was a little worried that they would unravel but they didn't!

After that I tried them on to see how they would fit in my boots. 

I decided to cut the round edge off and found that they still didn't unravel. They fit better in my boots that way. It is probably the easiest DIY I have ever done. I didn't even have to sew them which is something I was worried about. Plus I love how I can make a pair for $3 and have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Another bonus... my legs were so warm! Leg warmers!

Hope you enjoyed this!

PS I made these two pairs for each of my boots. I am not mix matching them lol. Just wanted to show you what each looked like!


  1. I love this idea! Weekend project FOR SURE! Thanks!

  2. They look awesome and now you can turn the body of the sweaters into a bag or something! :D

  3. Pretty cool idea! I'll have to try it! (: I love all your DIYs.


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