Thankful for this Year

Thankful for

  1. the love of a new puppy... he has really filled the empty place of my heart
  2. a family who is there when you need them the most
  3. 3 beautiful, caring sisters who I can call my best friends.
  4. a fiance who accepts everything about me... flaws and imperfections
  5. the last moments I had with my grandma this year
  6. the beauty and inspiration of nature
  7. being able to do what I love for a living
  8. a car that runs
  9. a warm and spacious apartment
  10. having a place to create and work
  11. what the future may hold
  12. a god that listens and answers in unexpected ways
  13. a caring, loving mother who never judges and gives me the strength to carry on
  14. a smart, thoughtful father who gives me the tough love I need to be a strong successful person
  15. memories that are captured and make life worth living
  16. the encouraging and caring fans, followers and new friends I have meet this past year
  17. my cousins and family who live elsewhere
  18. for teachers who have helped me discover my potential 
  19. for kids of all ages
  20. art and staying creative
  21. blogging giving a purpose to my madness
  22. allowing myself to be more positive and happy
  23. walks in the morning with my pup
  24. being able to cook myself a meal 
  25. being able to be alone and enjoy it
  26. talks with my mom
  27. separate special moments with each of my sisters
  28. knowing how to let go
  29. a new look at life and a schedule of my own
  30. etsy for being such a wonderful site that has helped me live my dream
  31. this moment
  32. life, love, laughter, peace, food, senses, time, change, little things, and knowing there is so much still to discover.
What are you most thankful for?


  1. What a wonderful list of thanks. What's your new puppy's name??

  2. beautiful list. thanks for sharing it with us.


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