Missing My Cam

It was a very sad day today thinking about the tragedy and misery that those families will be going through for the rest of their lives. Thinking about the innocent angels who sat there unaware of what was going on. That's all I want to say about it because it breaks my heart.

My sister came over today so we could use her new camera to take some pictures. Just holding her camera and snapping a few pictures really made me feel good. I miss my camera. My dad is currently working on trying to fix my old one before I take the leap at buying a new one.

I really get inspired to have a camera in my hands and today I realized that I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. One of my goals is to get my camera fixed and back soon so I can capture all the memories of what is about to happen with my life.

Sometimes it seems like the only thing that helps us hold on are pictures or pieces that are left behind. I don't know why but there are beautiful moments that I have forgotten about until I saw a picture or a letter and it took me back.

These are just a couple pictures I captured today for the shop.

I can only pray and hope for those families hit with such evil that they find a way to cope. I can't imagine the pain and grief that marks their hearts forever. It's moments like this when I ask god why? 


  1. That is a very pretty clip.
    I also think that todays events where mind boggling. I could not get away from it all day so I just turned the TV off and asks me kids if they knew what happened today. I was very happy that they had no clue.

    1. It's terrible. It breaks my heart and I can't stop tearing up at the thought. Thank god your kids didn't know what had happened. I can only imagine the fear.


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