DIY Personalized Gift Bags

Wrapping presents was always something I love until this year. I guess all the packages I wrapped for the shop got me kind of sick of wrapping things. Still I needed to wrap so I tried to figure out the easiest way that would make it more fun for me. Here is what I came up with....

Bags are simply the easiest way to quickly wrap a gift without all the fuss of making corners look perfect and all that jazz. So I picked up some brown bags from a local craft store. Pulled out my last urban outfitters uncatalogued and some scissors. I clipped out some pretty snowflakes and some letters and used spray glue to attach them to the bag. Well I didn't use the spray glue... I made justin. lol.

Then I pulled out my favorite sharpies and metallic colored pencils and went to town with some details to really bring out the magazine clippings.

It was so therapeutic to just kinda scribble... which if you know me well that's what I love, scribbling.  

Then came the personalized letters.. This is for my sister Tiffany... obviously!

and the final touch was a little glitter dinosaur....

So glad I decided to go the bag route! Lol so simple!

How are you wrapping your presents? 

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