The Beginnings of a Baby Book

I found this old large scrapbook a couple weeks before I found out I was prego. It was 2.99 at a thrift shop and in perfect condition with tons of blank pages. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but I realized about a couple weeks ago that this was going to be the beginning of my baby book.

Yeah the cover is ugly and I will be giving it a major overhaul slowly over the next 7 months. I am thinking about painting it. I always knew that I wouldn't wan't a hallmark baby book... pre-made with you just filling in blanks. I don't fill in blanks I transform the blank. I would rather create my baby book then feel obligated to fill in someone else's idea of a baby book.

Looking back through my baby book that my mom filled in I saw a lot of blanks not because my mom wasn't faithful in filling it out but because some of those blanks didn't apply to our life. Really it was wasted space and there wasn't enough room for things like letters or journal entries. Which is something I wish I could have read from my mom to really get how she was feeling in that moment. 

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So I have done one page front to back so far and a the front of another page. The first page is a letter about how we found out and what I was feeling. The second is right after we saw spud for the 1st time which is that blurred pic I have posted. 

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I realized last night that I needed some extra little special touches so I got on etsy and splurged a bit on some  washi tape and japanese stickers. I have really been wanting some special washi tape but just didn't really have a good reason to splurge on some. Check out those cute husky stickers above... They are fuzzy!! I can't wait to add these little details in. I am excited!

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  1. I'm really excited for you! That is one lucky baby having such an arty mom, you'll be in your element.

    Love, Davina xx

    1. :) I am so excited... Thanks Davina that means soooo much coming from you!! :D You put such a big smile on my face!


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