DIY Hand Printed Gift Wrap

There is nothing like ripping open at least one present. So I decided to hand print my own gift wrap for a couple of special gifts that really needed to be wrapped.

I grabbed some brown packing paper, the top of a Styrofoam takeout container, scissors, a sponge roller, regular craft paint and a coloring pencil with a dull tip. Before I began I made sure to wrap my present first, that way I wouldn't waist time printing on areas that wouldn't be seen.

First I prepared my stamp but cutting the edges off the top of the container so that it would be flat and easy to press.

Then I used my dull coloring pencil to press in a design that filled up the whole piece that way I could cover more of the present with less stamping = less time.

I then squirted some craft paint in a plastic tray and rolled my roller back and forth in it until I had an even coat.

Then I used the roller to cover the stamp.

I carefully laid the stamp on the package and pressed firmly.

Tada.... now just continue that all around your package!!

Last but not least it's fun to add little details like string, a fortune or a small knick knack. :)

So what do you think?? Have you ever stamped your gift wrap before?


  1. love it! Thanks for sharing...especially the creative way to make the stamp, I am TOTALLY going to try this!

  2. gorgeous! love the fortune :)


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