In this moment...

I am listening to...

Downpour by Brandi Carlile on Grooveshark

I am admiring my little fern sprouting...

I am excited to start reading these...

I am craving chicken and rice casserole.

I am dreading going to walmart to grocery shop.

I am looking forward to some possible snow tonight.

What are you doing in this moment?


  1. Letting Pepe out and getting ready to go to bed.( 11.30pm.)

    Love, Davina.

    1. :) Its getting really cold now!! maybe we will get snow!!

  2. I may have to read these book! We've been friends on FB for a while and I just now found this blog - how is that possible? Just added you on Etsy. You have a very neat store and blog. Glad to have found it! Maybe it will snow this weekend :)
    April Dawn


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