Inspiration: The End of What You Never Needed

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Everyone is griping about how much they are sick of hearing about the end of the world but honestly I can't help but look at this whole event as a good thing. Not because I really think the world is going to end but because in a way we actually have to sit and think for a moment what if this is really the end of the world. We for a moment look back at our lives up to this point and see whether we are satisfied or not. Isn't that reflection the best thing for anyone?
Everyday is the same for most of us doing things we think we have to or things we think we should. Some of us take every day for granted and do absolutely nothing, secretly hoping it is the end of the world. We never really sit and think does this life up to this point satisfy me. Am I happy with what I have done with my life thus far? After all any day could be the end of days right?
Sometimes it takes something as scary as the news channels telling us the world might end to really see the big picture... WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. All in all I am not worried whether the world will end or not because I know one thing... THIS LIFE UP TO THIS POINT HAS MADE ME ONE HAPPY PERSON.

If you don't feel that way it's time to change that or figure out why that is.

Tonight I ran across this blog and was digging deep into her posts because the more I read the more I seemed to connect with her. Anyway she had this lovely post where she records a meditation that you can follow along with about gratitude. I can say it really made me feel like even though not everything I imagine my life being has happened yet I still am happy for what I have experienced.

I highly recommend you give it a try and think of it as a new way to start and look at life...

find it here:  Meditation Gratitude

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  1. I agree with you. I think it's good to think about our mortality every once in a while.


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