Thinking about Presents...

I haven't got any presents for anyone yet! This is sooo bad. I guess I could say it's because money is tight for me right now and that keeps me from wanting to shop. Also there is just so much going on in my head and it doesn't even feel like christmas!! It's like summer outside! I don't need to wear a jacket or socks and a long sleeve tshirt makes me hott. Is it the same where your at??
Easel with colored frosting for painting your own cupcakes
So I keep thinking about what I want to do for presents. I try every year to buy stuff and I never make anything because I hate to do that. For some reason I feel like what if they don't like it... maybe they will feel pressured to have to display it because I made it. You know that kind of thing because I think like that.
painted jars
Anyway the absolute truth is that I am trying to get my life back on track and get myself out of a huge hole. So I am attempting to hold onto any money I have or get. I hate to be like that.

Last year I signed up for a credit card to get both of my parents something really nice for Christmas. I was really excited and it felt good. Then I soon realized..... how stupid I had been. Thinking I was going to just pay it off and move on. Let's just say I just got done paying that sucker off. I am telling myself I will never sign up for one again. PS... that wasn't my only one. I am down to one card now and the goal is to have it payed off by Christmas. Therefore I don't have money to be spending on Christmas presents which is kinda sad but in the long run it will be the best thing for me.

This means I will be doing the dreaded making the Christmas presents gig but with the help of little to no cash. I am not dreading it by any means because I love making things. I'm just nervous about the reaction my family will give me.

My plan is to paint everyone a picture based on the colors of their rooms and what I think they would like. So we will see how this turns out. Deep down I feel like maybe I should have a back up plan but for some reason I'm just not doing that. It is kind of a way to force myself to be as creative as I can which is actually exciting!

So what are you doing for presents? Are you finished shopping yet?

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  1. I made the "credit card mistake" one year as well...needless to say I learned from that one!


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