DIY Patchwork Button up


 This DIY project took a while for me to complete. It was purely a in the moment kind of design, not pre planned at all. So I will generalize this project a bit so you can do it your way :)

Supplies Needed: A button up shirt, cloth, lace or other trim embellishments, scissors, needle, several color of embroidery floss, pins, a embroidery hoop, bleach in a spray bottle, a small paint brush, and a spray bottle of vinegar.

 To begin I cut the pieces for my design out of the fabric. I used an old tye dyed sheet cut into triangles for my mountains and for the peaks I cut the lace into triangles. I also cut out a round piece for the moon and use the rest of my lace for ground cover under the mountains.

I laid and experimented with the pieces in several ways before deciding on the final setup.

I then pinned all my pieces into place and used the embroidery hoop stretched around a section of the design to keep my stitching straight and even. I threaded my needle and began.

After I hand stitched ever thing into place I decided to add a quote and some more texture to the shirt. I used chalk to draw out and place my words on the shirt. I then used the spray bottle of vinegar to soak the shirt so that the bleach would not bleed so easily. I used bleach and a paint brush to paint out my words on the back of the shirt. I also spray the bleach on the bottom of the shirt. Then I washed the shirt and wallllaaa. I wish I had more pictures of the bleaching process but it's a very time sensitive thing... which keeps you on your toes and dedicated.

This project took me nearly a month to accomplish. Most of that time spent contemplating on what all I was going to do to it but It is probably my favorite DIY to date and it's always nice to have my hands busy while watching movies ;)


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    1. Thanks :) I really do love this top... worth the time!

  2. i think this is wonderful and will try experimenting with this bleach technique in the future.

  3. I absolutely love this! I'm going to have to make one! Like I've said before, I love all your do it yourself projects!

  4. Looks great on you! Very creative!

  5. Really like this DIY. Especially how you stitched. It seems like such a cute idea.



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