Sketchbook Workshop Entry 3

Yeah for Another sketchbook prompt! Remember it's a good idea to time yourself about 20 mins so that you don't get stuck and dwell on it. 

Also please link up! Thanks to all of you who have been participating so far! After the first 10 prompts I will see how the prompts are going for everyone and decide if we will continue! 

Sketchbook Prompt #3

Divide a clean sketchbook page into sections by drawing 2 diagonal lines, 3 horizontal and 2 vertical lines each touching the edges of the page. Then fill each empty section with a different unique pattern.

Once again I should have my sketchbook prompt up on this post mid day tomorrow!

I always enjoy doing patterns. When I sat down to do this prompt I realize a line doesn't have to be straight. That allowed me to make it a bit more interesting :) 


  1. Oh goodness I love yours! Why did I have to take it so literally and draw straight lines? :P I would so take it back and re-do mine now that I saw yours haha!

  2. Hey! I am interested in doing this.. Is there a prize or just for fun!?

  3. I can't Linky up since it's long closed, but here's a belated entry for prompt number three. ;)



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