Valentine's Giveaway!!

This is going to be a great month! February is one of my favorites! It's the month of Valentines Day, my birthday, this blogs 1 year anniversary and I get to find out what gender my baby will be! How exciting right?

I have been busy getting the baby room cleaned out and decided to throw out this giveaway slightly last minute so I hope you all will take part!!

All you have to do to ENTER is...

leave a comment below telling me about your best Valentines Day (past or pretend ;)

Also in order to WIN...

You must be a member of this blog through google + reader... it's super easy to connect just look to the right of this blog under Run With Me and click join this site! Please be sure to let me know below that you are a member in your comment. This will be mandatory for every giveaway I have so if you do it now you can enter every giveaway with ease from now on. ( I have a giveaway every month)

Winner Receives

A bleeding heart terrarium valued at $25
a pair of my favorite heart studs valued at $13
plus free shipping!

Giveaway Ends 2/14 Valentine's Day!!
Hurry don't miss your Chance!

Thanks to all of you who take part!


  1. My Valentine's Days usually have stunk. I'm looking forward to the one this year though. I have an awesome fella AND I'll have one of my pieces in a Valentine's Day exhibit! Woohoo!

    P.S. I'm a membaahh. :)

  2. My Favorite Valentines day was when my boyfriend gave me white roses (1 for each year that we dated)-which at the time was 6 roses for 6 years...We recently got engaged on our 7th anniversary. Justin & I have been dating since our Junior Year of Highschool. Hard to believe sometimes, but so glad that I have someone to go through life with and have fun. And I am now in the process of planning our September 2013 wedding! My theme for our wedding is country vintage & I could totally use the terrarium for decorations! I am planning to buy a few things off etsy too. You have some awesome stuff!! Also, I am a member :)

  3. My favorite Valentine's Day was the one a few months after the end of a tumultuous year+ relationship years ago. I was super bummed, more than usual on Valentine's Day. My dearest friend Amelia got everyone she knew (including her mom's co-workers) to send me a snail-mail valentines day card to my dorm. You can imagine what a wonderful surprise it was to have so much love from mostly strangers coming through my mailbox at my lonely dorm room at school. I didn't know it was her until well after the fact. That is TRUE love and friendship :) <3

  4. Gah the heart terrarium! Love it.
    My favourite valentines day was a few years ago, my first with Justin. He surprised me at school with a stuffed money holding a heart and some chocolates in a heart shaped box. Not at all anything super special or original, but I've never had anyone give me chocolates in a heart shaped box so I was pretty excited. Plus everyone in my class saw it on my desk. Hehe.
    I've been following you for a while! :]

  5. I am a member and one of my best Valentine's day was 5 or 6 years ago when my husband and I were dating and we got a hotel that gave us special perks such as champagne,flowers, and chocolate strawberries. We went out for a nice dinner and then snuggled up with the champagne and chocolate strawberries.


  6. wow, feb. is a great month for you! happy birthday and happy blog anniversary! and happy baby news! i think the best valentine's day would be to rent a cabin in the woods that would include a soak in a hot tub, wine, chocolate and cozy fire. hey, this is my fantasy so let's throw in a couples massage as well. :) (i'm a member/follower)

  7. My fave Valentine's was my 1st Valentines with my hubby (before we were married). We got a cute cabin in Cape cod. There was a fireplace in the room & it was very romantic. I'm having trouble following through google+. Is it okay if I just follow through gfc? I'll keep trying. dramaqueensmum@gmail.com

  8. Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

    I follow on gfc.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  9. I'm not much of a fan of Valentine's Day but four years ago my best friend and I went out for dinner and drinks afterward. We met up with someone that I used to go to grade school with that she had been wanting to set me up with and three years later we are now married :) That was a pretty good VD I had to say!

  10. My most favorite Valentine's Day was the first one I had with my husband. He surprised me by making my favorite dinner (chicken alfredo) and set up a romantic table with linens and candles. :)


  11. I follow you via GFC. My best gift was a necklace from my hubby...it had our last name on it (Chinese character)

  12. I follow you on GFC. My favorite Valentines was the first year that I met my husband and got my first dozen roses.


  13. My favorite Valentines memory was the year I had my best friend dress up as cupid and surprise my husband at work. She wore a giant pink tutu, short curly yellow wig and tights with little hearts all over them. We decided cupid needed to be just a little bit more hideous so we added some super thick glasses, crooked yellow teeth, stuffed her chest with giant balloons and drew pink hearts all over her face. After we finished laughing til we cried, she went to my husband's office and asked for him. I came too but was hiding in a different room. She told him she had a special Valentines message from his wife. She obnoxiously cleared her throat and began to sing at the top of her lungs, Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love Yoooooooouu". My husband and his coworkers were in tears from laughter. When the song was over, she danced and twirled around the office, throwing conversation hearts in the air. I finally came out of hiding and gave my hubby a big hug and kiss along with Valentine cookies for the entire office. That was the BEST Valentine's ever!

    New member to your awesome blog! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


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