Introducing The Sketchbook Workshop

I am really excited to introduce something new to the blog where all of you can participate! It's called the sketchbook workshop. Every week I will create a prompt for you to do in your sketchbook. You can choose to link it up and show it off or keep it to yourself. I will be doing it too!

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire you to think outside the box. To practice thinking and working creatively. It will also be a great reminder to take time out of your busy week to just scribble. Hopefully these prompts will also help to keep you from a Sketchbook Blockage ( when you can't think of what to sketch).

I decided to to this instead of the 365 day self picture project. I found that trying to take a picture of myself everyday kept me from taking pictures of what I love in life. After 6 days I found it kind of pointless so I am replacing it with something I need which is time with my sketchbook. I take enough pictures anyway!

I scribbled these pictures down last night and I plan on gathering a clean sketch book before the first prompt which will be next week!

PS... if you want to get the prompts make sure you are a member of this blog!

So will you join me?? 


  1. I love this idea! Can't wait for the first prompt.

  2. Definitely doing this. Pretty excited!

  3. I'm in! Now for somewhere to sketch on....


  4. This sounds exciting! I haven't sketched or drawn anything in a long time, I want to join in the fun! Hopefully I can keep up. :D
    Now to rummage through my plethora of notebooks to find just the right one for this project!

    1. you sound like me! Yeah! I'm glad your in on the fun!


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