My 7 Everyday Beauty Favorites

I have had the opportunity to spoil myself this holiday season and get some new beauty products. I am so glad I did because these 7 products really make me feel and look a lot better!

Smell Good: CO Bigelow Lemon No 1999
Lucky enough to get a gift card to bath and body... I have been longing for this scent since 2 Christmas's ago and it never happened until now! Just the fresh yet sweet simple scent of lemon.... ughh I spray it on me everyday even if I am not going anywhere!

Bright Whites: Colgate Optic White
 My boyfriend convinced me to try a new toothpaste, we usually get aquafresh but this stuff is awesome. My teeth were whiter in one use! Plus I had this warm tingling feeling in my mouth the first time I brushed it was strange but felt surprisingly good!

Soft Smooth Features: Hempz Lotion
 My little sister got me this sample size lotion for Christmas and I use it on everything! It is the only lotion I am able to put on my face and it not irritate or cause breakouts. It does wonders for when I dry my face out with my peroxide soap!

Natural Waves: Nume Pearl Curling Wand
 I have been looking for a curling wand for sometime now. Yes my hair is insanely curly but I wanted something that would give more life to my hair when I straightened it. This is great because it doesn't use a clamp (no creases), it heats up to 400 degrees which is good for my thick hair, and the curl holds for 2 days! The wand shape allows for a natural curl too which is what I love most about it! It's so great I convinced my two sisters to buy one as well!

Dirty Girl Secret: Biosilk Dry Shampoo
I have used dry shampoo since they started selling it in retail stores. I love it because with my thick coarse hair it's better to not wash it but every 3 to 4 days. So I use this when it gets near the end when my ends look fabulous but my roots are too shiny! It's my life savor!!

Envious Nails: Revlon Nails Color Posh
 I am so in love with revlons nail polish lately. The colors are solid and matte! One coat will do ya! They also have some real nice unique colors to choose from for around 3 dollars a bottle! I am loving my new green shade Posh right now!

Glowing Skin: Victoria's Secret Pink Play All Day
This lotion is perfect for my pale legs and arms. It has a super fine shimmer that makes your skin look like its glowing! Plus the scent is killer! This works great when you just want to make yourself feel real good!

What's your favorite beauty product right now?


  1. That curling wand looks cool, but a little daunting. Anyway you can show how you use it? It seems like it'd be amazing for many different curls.


    1. I sure will! I am kinda thinking about doing a video... but that may take me a while to figure out!


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