Sketchbook Workshop #5 Link Up

It's Thursday and I am not hesitating jumping right back into another sketchbook prompt. It's been almost a month since the last one so drag out your sketchbooks and let's make this happen! 

I definitely need some visual motivation so this prompt is more open for your own interpretation! I will most likely give myself around 20-30 minutes to do this prompt.

Also my free subscription through linky is up... after some thought I decided to go ahead and pay to subscribe for this year so we can continue to link up and show off our posts!

So please be sure to use linky so my money isn't wasted!!

I also opened up all the old sketchbook linkups for those who want to enter them and if some of you remember I told you that after the first 10 linkups those who participate in all 10 get a surprise snail mail! So don't miss that!!!!!!

Also after the first 10 sketch linkups... sketchbooks are going to start to get a bit crazier and were going to start using different materials besides your pencil so be excited!!!

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