Snapshots of Mountain Mushroom Festival

I got some wonderful snapshots to sum up this year's Mushroom Festival in Irvine, Ky. I was so happy that the rain stayed away and the wind wasn't too bad. It was cloudy but not too cold and we made more sales than last year which was great! I also was happy to see quite a few happy customers that matched the style of my booth! That is always a great sign and it helps me see that the direction I am going is the right one.

Of course the food was great (and expensive) the live music was perfect and the people were really great and accepting of the booth! Overall a great atmosphere and the 45 min backroads made a lovely scenic trip :).

I painted a lot of sweet little faces and meet some lovelies! I also managed to snatch up some free music and a handmade bag from a band called The Bloodroots Barter! You can listen to their awesome bluegrass and checkout their page here. They made these lovely branch and bark braided baskets that were so cool my older sister ended up getting two!

So what makes this festival so cool is that people hunt for morels in the forest, bring them in and sell them at the mushroom market during the festival. Fresh morels can bring in $50 dollars a pound... no joke I saw this happen in front of my eyes several times. Morels are like a Country folk delicacy around here. They had several demonstrations on how to cook with Morels too. I wish I could find some, that would be like treasure!

I will post some pictures of our booth setup this week! Check out pictures from last year here.


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