7 months

7 months! I can't believe it. At this point I am ready to get this little girl here already. I can't hardly bend over or squat because of my big belly. My ankles and feet are swollen so all my old sandals are tight. I even had to buy special extra comfy flip flops because walking in my bare feet around the house is killing me. I am soooo very hungry all the time but I am trying to control that which is the hardest thing. I literally feel like there is never anything for me to wear. I can't wait to buy a new wardrobe after the baby is born and squeeze into shorts or jeans.

The good parts are that my belly feels cool and feeling the baby move around is always interesting. I also have had a lot of nice things given to me in the past weeks. Plus my energy is built back up and Justin is helping me out too!

The weirdest things are that I can see her moving in my belly, pushing my belly around and out in certain places... it's like something from a horror film but it always make me smile. I am also craving foods I have never ate like avocados which are becoming a favorite!

In honesty I really feel like a whale and really hate taking pictures but I know that I want to record it. I am so sensitive and picky about everything right now which makes it hard to like any pictures. I also really love my alone time it seems like I enjoy having people around but after too long I am extremely aggravated.

My lovely little sister took this for me! I appreciate her soo much!


  1. These are such lovely photos, congratulations!! Also your hair is probably the coolest hair ever.. xx


  2. These photos are beautiful Courtney! I remember when you first announced you were pregnant, it is so crazy its been 7 months now. Congrats and have fun at your baby shower coming up!


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