Sweet Gifts and Good Friends

I have had some many gifts given to me in the past couple weeks it's really made me sooo happy!! :) I always love a surprise, something handmade, or a vintage treasure! I really love snail mail it's pretty much like being a kid on Christmas morning!

I just want to take a moment to share how much I appreciate these gifts! I have made some wonderful friends this past year through blogging, craft shows, and family. This past couple of weeks I have been getting surprises in the mail. I also have had nice things given to me it's really made the whole scared, excited, nervous, pregnancy feelings a lot easier to deal with.

In the top you will see my baby girls new friends a rhino name cheeno and a giraffe named Tilly. I found them at the Mushroom Festival a week or so ago. They are handmade and perfect. My older sister got me the rhino :) I also got to swap with a lovely lady by the name of Casey for the adorable bear newborn hat sitting on her bears head. I just love that hat! Casey also made me the cute little wash cloth for craft it forward.

I received some beautiful scrap booking supplies that will work great for my baby book from a good internet pal, Hayley. Plus she threw in some other vintage goodies. I also got the cool vintage trims from my sisters boyfriends mom. She is so nice to me!

I also have had a huge surge of baby stuff enter my life, used and new. It's definitely overwhelming but wonderful. I am very thankful for all of it. It is hard to keep up with everything lately and I am still trying to understand why. I just figured the easiest way for me to show my appreciation to all of you lovely gals is by writing this post.

Only 3 days till my baby shower and I am sooo nervous. I hate to open presents in front of people because of the attention. I would rather have everyone open the presents and me watch. I just have to face my fears, get through it and hope that my emotions don't go to the extreme. The emotion part of pregnancy is probably the hardest to deal with because it is so uncontrollable. If I start to cry... it's not just a couple tears its a freaking moaning out of control baby cry. It is embarrassing!

Well that's it for now! Thanks again to all the lovelies who have made my day these past weeks. Even if I don't have a picture of what you sent or your name in the post... you know who you are and I love ya!

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  1. Wow!!! You weren't kidding! You did get a lot of goodies! I love getting something other than bills in the mailbox. It doesn't happen very often though. My bear hat looks super cute on that bear too! I can hardly wait to see it on your little girl! :)


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