Advice on surviving Pregnancy

Like everyone tells you pregnancy is really different for every single lady however I figured I would let you know things that have worked for me to make my pregnancy run smoothly and some of the experiences I have encountered thus far.

I am a little over 7 months now and I haven't had any morning sickness or any severe pain as of yet. My experiences have included the following...

The bad...

swollen ankles and painful feet
feeling a stretch of my belly on certain days
In the very beginning feeling slightly queezy
Days where I just lay around all day but never sleep like I am exhausted
Days where I eat all day and never feel satisfied
craving different tastes... like foods I have never ate
Near the End feeling easily aggravated at a PMS level if not worse
little acne bumps on my back, shoulders and on top of my belly
In the beginning I felt like I had a hard time breathing
My nose was stopped up a lot during the first and second trimester
low platelet count (which means lots of blood work)

Some good experiences...

Feeling the baby move and seeing her move inside my stomach
Extreme energy boosts at certain times mostly in the 2nd trimester
my face has been acne free!
Feeling more confident to meet with people and stepping out of my comfort zone
A burst in the creative flow of ideas, goals and dreams
planning and dreaming for when she arrives
learning a whole lot about life
Detoxing your body

Here is what I found that made a big difference in getting through pregnancy happy and healthy...

  1. Make sure you eat when you get hungry 
  2. Sleep when your grouchy or tired
  3. buy a new pair of comfly shoes for around the house and everywhere else, moccasins and flat flip flops even slippers won't work
  4. Hang out with family and talk about the baby
  5. take time away from your partner
  6. ask for back rubs and foot massages... don't wait for them
  7. Prop your feet up high and get a foot bath when your ankles are swollen
  8. Go on lots of dates and do things you haven't done
  9. Work on projects for your baby 
  10. Sit in a quiet room touch and watch your belly 
  11. Spend alone time thinking of your baby
  12. Smoothies make wonderful snacks when you don't feel satisfied
  13. Wash your blankets weekly if not more often
  14. Take a shower more often
  15. buy lots of stretchy dresses 
  16. buy new bras that will fit your new boobs
  17. Take lots of pictures throughout your pregnancy
  18. Ask for help... always
  19. keep yourself occupied with other stuff that has nothing to do with the baby
  20. trust yourself to make the right decisions
Also for those of you who have to see the doctor more often like me, every other week or more be sure to make those appointments exciting by treating yourself with an Ice Cream or a small fun purchase. That way you don't dread it.

I hope this helps I wanted to type out everything while I remember for next time. :)

Those of you who have been through it can you add anything to this list?

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