Baby Shower in Photos

I am 31 weeks today! Time is flying now! My baby shower was held on mother's day and it turned out incredible. It was a complete surprise which is what I loved about it. Honestly I hate being the center of attention I would rather be the planner so it was nice to be surprised for a change that way I couldn't try to change everything. I am obsessed with doing things a certain way soo which can stress me out so the surprise was a nice relief.

My mother and sisters did a fantastic job pulling it all together with the most perfect touches. I also got some wonderful special gifts I will share with you later. I was extremely happy to see my friends and have my cousins at the shower. It was difficult not to cry... because everything is going to be so different. My sister got pictures taken by a photograper named Skylar which turned out great even though I was hesitant at first because of my weight. I really love the pictures. Maybe I will be more open now about letting someone else outside of my family take professional pictures.

Now that the shower is over I am feeling good! Now I feel like its time to start getting her room together and get the last few little items we need. Plus I have a lot of special items I want to make for her room. So you will be seeing that on the blog in the next weeks.

Oh... and for the name reveal. Miss Juniper Ray Chasteen was named after my late grandparents the Rays. As for Juniper it was my grandmas favorite scent and it was something that just really clicked for me.

I am sooo excited!

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