Art Camp 2013 in Photos and Thoughts

The last couple of weeks were super busy for me making sure art camp ran successfully this year and making sure that kids had a great time. All while making sure I didn't pop! Lol that's a picture of me above on the last day for our culminating performance for the campers parents. Everyday I came home from camp I literally went straight to bed because I knew my body could only handle so much. So even though I told you all I was going to post pictures everyday from camp... it didn't happen because I am not super woman.

I am super proud though... in my eyes camp turned out great. I had happy parents and happy campers. I couldn't have done it without the help of all the great teachers, volunteers and a wonderful assistant! We had quite a few changes from camp a year before when I first directed it which made the process a little scary this year but I think that our changes were big successes!

It takes over 6 months to plan camp and then watching the two weeks of camp fly by always surprises me. I remember right in the beginning of all of this with hardly any belly showing convincing the Arts Council that I could do this. They were worried but at the time I wasn't however I had no idea how I was going to feel up to this point in pregnancy. By the start of the second week of camp was when I started thinking "why did I sign myself up for this when I can't bend over or pick anything up?" I thought about how early some woman go into labor and for a moment freaked out a little because I knew I had to be there every day to run camp.

As you can see though... my belly or my brain didn't pop! I made it through and actually enjoyed it! I did miss blogging and having the time to work on baby stuff though but now I have that time!

PS... I took a gazillion pictures I just wanted to throw up a handful of my favorite moments with the campers. :)

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