Summer Showdown: Pontoon in Pictures

Pontoon - Little Big Town by george.ortha@ferialaw.com Feria Tantoco Robeniol Law Offices on Grooveshark

Every summer for the past 4 or 5 years my mom started the tradition of heading to a different beach. Unfortunately my baby bump kept everyone at home and it kinda made me feel bad. So I decided to do the next best thing and plan a day on a beautiful lake for my older sisters birthday! It really was awesome. We rented a double decker pontoon with a slide and I made special cupcakes!

I really love my family and find myself constantly planning things to keep us together. The scary thing about this past weekend was that my boyfriends mother got into a bad car accident and was flown to a hospital in lexington. Thank god she is alive and that she will make it through but her injuries are pretty painful. You can tell it just by looking at her yet she still manages to say thank you and please. It amazes me. Even though the accident came at a really bad time since baby will be here in less than 3 weeks. I feel like god is definitely watching over us. I couldn't imagine the pain if something more serious had happened.

I can't wait for baby Juniper to arrive. I am scared, excited, nervous and everything in between. I am having a hard time seeing the result but I know that ultimately it will be an awesome surprise!

These last couple of months my hands and feet randomly go numb, I pee throughout the night, she kicks like crazy where people actually get to feel it, and I get really queasy when I lay down. Plus I am super swollen all over and I think that is the part I hate the most! The up side is that it's making me not scared of labor and ready so that I can hold her in my arms and feel normal again.

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