Patiently Waiting

Still waiting... now counting 2 days after the original due date I was given. No real signs of anything which has had me a bit worried. Plus all my preggo pals on facebook are showing off there newborns left and right. Am I the only one waiting? That's what it feels like. I have now gotten to the point where I wake up and have a to do list of unbaby related stuff to accomplish. It doesn't even cross my mind that she might arrive and interrupt the list but it seems like the only thing to do. Staying busy with other things keeps me patient.

Man is it hard to be patient when you live in a world that is so fast paced and everyone around you is trying to get to the finish line quicker... posting about it seconds from it happening. It's been a real test to my sanity lately but I think that it's a good thing. There is a pressure... I should be worried that something is wrong and it's crossed my mind a few times, what if something is wrong but then what if pressure to be like everyone else is making me think that.

Why does it feel like almost every pregnancy in recent years was doomed or plagued and that woman just have to be induced or have a csection. At least that's what I feel like. Doctors, friends and some family members can stir it all up and make you think that if you don't do something soon something is going to hurt that baby. Like I can't even trust my body to protect what's been growing in my stomach for 9 months now.

I understand that there are serious problems and in no way am I judging or putting "pressure" on anyone else's decision about birth. I just honestly feel alone and that is a bit scary. When I mean alone I mean about the decision when it comes to being past your due date and still waiting. I am thankful to be fully supported by my family and friends but I do feel the pressure that people are concerned.

So for now I am back to business... designing new products for my Fall collection and reading through my e courses. Still not sleeping at all during the night but embracing it as valuable work time. The second picture is a little sneak peek of the fall collection... ;)


  1. For all I know, you could be in labor as I am typing!! If not, it will come soon!! I can only imagine the anticipation you are feeling!

  2. Well Kate hasn't had her baby yet either, and the Queen said she wishes she would hurry up as she's going on holiday soon ! It'll all be worth it when she's here. Thinking of you. Love, Davina.

  3. due dates aren't definite. my son was due on feb. 19th but didn't come until march 9. my daughter was due on april 14th and came on apr. 3rd. relax. :) i will tell you this. if you get a day where you feel more awesome and energetic than you have in the previous 9 months, then be prepared to deliver your baby the following day. this may not be true of all women, but for most i know, including myself, this has been the case. i think it's natures way of preparing you. wishing you the best. it will happen when it's supposed to happen.


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