August is for Learning

Sometimes I blog to brainstorm and to organize my thoughts. To take the time to figure out what I am feeling on the inside and to make plans. I have decided that August will be my month of learning.

There is so much to absorb on the internet and with social media in the mix it's hard to prioritize and make the most of my time. Most of it gets spent lost among useless topics when all I wanted was a simple answer to something I was wondering about.

I have had some ecourse's on my laptop over a year now that haven't been finished (some not even started). I keep pushing them aside for when I will have time to focus because there is no deadline. I have books that were barely touched and have been collecting dust for months. I have a whole board on pinterest dedicated to things I want to learn more about yet it's forgotten about. There really isn't a good excuse and more of a waste.

Here is my problem. I feel like learning slows me down in the internet world. I feel like I could spend that time creating new things, blogging, working on my shop, and keeping my social media up to date. I want quick easy answers to my problems and sometimes I am afraid that after reading a book or finishing a ecourse I will gain nothing and have wasted time. But this is my sorry excuse... and now that I have typed it out I realized that a couple years ago I was able to work a steady job and go to school. It might have been stressful at times but I did it.

There needs to be a balance between learning and working. That's what my august is going to be about. A month for me to implement both in a more organized way and to practice it so that hopefully it becomes a habit.

I love to learn and what's great about that is that there is unlimited knowledge via the internet. It's just about how you rein it in, filter, organize it and use it. That's what I want to teach myself.

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