A quick list of what I have been up to

Just a quick list of what my days consist of lately... strange how much it changes when you have a kid and your connection with the real world is constant

... feeding a baby every 3-4 hours
... changing around 8 diapers a day
... playing and entertaining my baby while she is awake and happy
... soothing a crying baby
... getting tires for my car
... taking care of all kinds of appointments
... making all kinds of new plans, goals, dreams
... taking breaks and naps and eating only snacks
... enjoying downtime by just laying there
... trying to get in a routine of pumping breast milk
... trying to escape in my car at least every other day and taking my baby for a ride
... Walking almost every night with stroller in tow
... Packing orders, answering emails and messages when I get a helping hand
... finishing a super large wedding order
... praying

Your starting school and I am snuggling my baby... would I have it any other way? Nahhh... I am pretty content with the whole mommy gig!

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