Almost a Month

One more week and it will be one month since my sweet little baby girl was born. It's been a crazy whirlwind of an entirely different life. Learning as I go and loving her more and more each day. Everyday is different and last night was the first night I got to sleep during the night. I feel so blessed I truly feel like she is the best gift I was ever given.

After almost a month I can say I am finally figuring it out... a bit. Bite my tongue because as soon as I admit that it all changes and I don't know what to do. However I am not so sure if it's about figuring it out but more like being super patient and open to doing different things.

My doctor said when she cries it can only be about 5 things so I should go through that list but honestly I feel like it isn't that simple. Not that it is really hard either but things like swaddling her or leaving her to lay open without blankets or wrapping my whole body around her or laying her on her stomach are things I would definitely add to the list. Plus everyday I find that list getting longer as she starts to look around more, lift her head and understand my voice and touch. It's a crazy, beautiful experience but I find myself honing in on that motherly instinct and discovering what makes her happy. I actually like having her cry and then discovering what it is that makes her stop.

I am also discovering that even though she is only 3 weeks old she is a whole lot smarter than I think. She would rather listen to me if I am genuinely talking to her rather than watch me just making noises or faces. She would rather sit up with my support than lay in my arms. She likes peace and quiet sometimes, noise other times or just music. She likes to be still sometimes and then moving other times and not just one movement... all kinds. She can hold her binkie in her mouth and pull my hair. She even will cover her ears if she doesn't like a certain noise. She sees better every day and will focus on the most interesting details in her room. She stares at the quilt top hanging up above her bed, her dreamcatcher, her painting and the picture of me and Justin. She smiles when she hears a new word that sounds interesting but only the first time I say it after that she gets use to it. She has smiled when I said pretty princess, when I say drink drink, and when I told her how much I loved her and that she was my little angel from up above.

Every moment is so precious with her. When her little belly button scab fell off I felt a little sad because that's it she is no longer part of my body and now she just holds my heart in her tiny hands. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that she will hold it tight and never let it go.

I am so ready to gear up for September and to blog regularly again with things other than just baby, get ready for some festivals and a whole new collection for the shop. I am excited and not so exhausted anymore! :)


  1. Ahh so beautiful. You're making me get some serious baby fever over here!

  2. She is so sweet and beautiful and lucky to have such a devoted Mother ! Make the most of every day because time passes so quickly, and before you know it she will be toddling around.

    Lots of love to you and little Juniper.

    From Davina. xx


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