Wild Style: Thunder Only Happens When it's Raining

Thunder only happens by Fleetwood Mac on Grooveshark

You ever go into your closet and ask yourself what's the craziest thing I can put on and get away with?
Well that's kinda what I have been doing lately when it comes to dressing up. It's been a year of crazyness with being pregnant and trying to find things that fit, then coming out of labor with a post pregnant pooch and trying to fit into my old clothes... all of which takes a toll on your psyche about how you look and feel.  So I guess at this point I really don't care how crazy it looks to anyone else... I am wearing it because I am ready to be me again or maybe just look deep into myself to find who I really am.

I am done with going on traditional trends at least for now... I would rather push myself to find my own unique style.

My purple hair has faded quite a bit but I am flowing with it. I had my sister take the front chunks and bleach them because they had faded to a grayish brown and we were worried that adding more purple to the dark strands would just cause them to fade and create more work. Believe it or not though the purple in the back is from the original dye job... I really can't believe it's lasted so long! I'm not done with the crazy colors yet! I enjoy them too much!


  1. I love the pictures! & if only I could pull off purple hair

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com


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