Little Goals for January

 Juniper will be 6 months on the 20th!!! I can't believe it! That means it's been 6 months and I am just now getting things figured out with baby in tow. I have already seen major improvements from using my word for this year POSITIVE. One other mini resolution of mine is to focus on me and to put things and people who detract me from that out of the picture.

The other thing I want to incorporate for my resolutions is doing a monthly resolution. This month I am focusing on Getting caught up and organized. Next month will be Eating Clean for one month. I think focusing on one thing a month will help establish a habit and make it easier for me to carry those good things out all year long. Plus I can feel accomplished when I do it for one month even if it doesn't carry throughout the year. I am excited to see if this works for me! 

Besides those main goals these are my little goals that focus more on me and my personal life which is something I haven't focused on in a while.

1. Home made toys for Juniper
2. Less Pacifier
3. Prepped meals, smoothies and salads
4. Clean off computer and Cell phone
5. Work on Baby Book

and I am going to start counting my accomplishments because it makes me feel good... ya know?

January's accomplishments
1. Doctor and Dentist apt made (just need to make it to them)
2. Glasses!
3. Baby room organized and clean
4. Starting a Schedule
5. No fast food!

I know these things might not seem like goals to those of you super moms but I have been drained lately and these are things that I have been putting off for way too long.

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  1. You've done really well, Courtney, be proud of yourself, and Juniper is so gorgeous and cute.

    Love, Davina.


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