Project Mini Cabin : Progress 3

Hello Guys! I never got to really introduce you to my sister Nicky... she is going to be posting on the blog some so if you haven't been keeping up with her series. Check it out here...

 Here we are again, we didn't get to work on our cabin for a couple of days, Kentucky got lots of rain, and cold!! Honestly I never dress warm enough either, my toes or my fingers always end up feeling like they are frostbit!
 Anyways, we got at least three of the walls up today were hammering each nail by hand (really Cody is! I need to work on my hammering skills) but it is a lot harder than I thought.
Also it may be hard to see but we have the window and door framed up. For some reason that made me happier than having the just the walls or the floor being done. I think this is because windows and doors are like a house, I know that's where I'll be entering and leaving and where all the beautiful light will be let in. :)
- Nicky -
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions, or just any stories you have! I love to read them! Hope your keeping up with our Mini Cabin

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