Project Mini Cabin : Progress 2

Here I am again with another little update! Cody's little sister has been helping us as you can see by the pictures. We got the floor down and one wall up, this is the back wall it will have no windows.  This was about two days worth of working and we only get maybe two hours worth of working light each day. Our cabin is in kind of a little valley with a creek that runs next to it, it is literally mountains all around us so light goes quick. And with no electricity its scary in the dark!

This is me and Red Rose, Hannah's horse. I have loved horses I think my whole life, such beautiful, strong animals, another reason I love Codys farm. Cody has a horse too, her name is bailey, I showed you a picture of her in one of my earlier posts. 
Hope your keeping along with our Mini Cabin, I seriously can't believe its still happening. 
- Nicky -

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