Nature Walk: Amber Energy

I do believe that the winter is one of my most favorite times to go for a walk in nature. It can be a bit bit of a challenge however the swift light of the golden hour you get in the winter months is just magical and the chill of the air awakens the soul which makes it all worth it.

Also this was the first time we took  baby Juni on a hike with us and it was just too perfect! She giggled and stayed awake the whole time, no fits or fusses and I think we were out roaming around with her in the carrier for a couple of hours.

Today was just beautiful and all I could see was amber energy hitting the dried weeds making them sparkle. Amber energy blending the tall dried grasses. Amber energy making the mountains radiate a warming glow in the cool air.

Nature is the one thing that keeps me from thinking about anything else. It's like an all natural drug that relieves stress and toxic thoughts. I am so happy that I chose to get out today instead of finding some excuse. 

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