2013 Reflection

I made my first green smoothie which started the year of the smoothie for me

I started a sketchbook workshop on the blog which had a good handful of participants

I managed to let a lot of things go...

I shared advice on moving out for the first time which became my most read post of all time

I celebrated 1 year of blogging and figured out how to redo the layout of my blog with html by myself

I started doing collections for my shop

I did my first wholesale with a local boutique :)

 I shared some of my personal collections with you including these old photographs

I shared quite a few outfit posts with you and experimented in photo shop here is a favorite

I started my little girls baby book and printed pictures!

diyed a lot on the blog... here is a favorite

Me and Justin enjoyed a lot of silly date nights before baby juniper came and learned there were a lot of things we hadn't done together even though we have be dating 7 years... here is one of my favorites

chalked my hair for the first time

my sisters and mom threw me a perfect baby shower

my sister and her boyfriend surprised me with a special double date camp out

Directed Art Camp a 2nd year at the tail end of my pregnancy

Rented a pontoon for no reason and enjoyed a day at the lake

My little sister took some beautiful shots of me 9 months!! as well as many others from each month during pregnancy this is my favorite!

Made some special things for my babies room including the paintings, the mobile, and a dream catcher... and finally finished setting it up

Gave birth to my beautiful baby Juniper... without a csection and breastfed her which were very important yet scary things for me!

I dyed my hair purple

Spent Quality time with my Best Friend

took my baby to her first pumpkin patch

Worked the after school art club and made up quite a few new projects just for them... here is a favorite

Took Juniper on her first trip to Illinois to see family and took some beautiful pictures of my cousin and her long time boyfriend

Took lots of pictures of my baby girl

Successfully continued collections throughout the year for the shop, updated packaging and business cards!

Officially got my sister to co author posts for the blog in 2014!!

I bought juniper this cute crown and a disco ball ;)

Nicky officially posted about her new project Mini Cabin!

Finally took a baby moon with 5 month old Juniper :)

Took Junipers 1st Christmas Pictures

Made french macaroons for the first time

When I first looked back on my goals I had posted on her a year ago I was disappointed by the fact that maybe 1 out of 30 resolutions were accomplished. It was hard to swallow because I thought I would have accomplished soooo much more. Then as I traveled back through my blog through this past year I realized that I accomplished a lot that I didn't even realize needed to happen. So my big lesson out of all this resolution stuff is that you can't predict what the future is going to do for you. You have to let the future come to you and make every moment matter. (hint hint new resolution?)

Looking back I realized only one thing mattered in 2013 and that was my baby girl. Feeling her grow in my tummy, thinking about her, bringing her into this world and now loving her everyday. I thought I would be super mom and then motherhood kicked me in the behind and showed me whose boss.... Juniper. Most of 2013 was spent enjoying being pregnant which came in the form of food and a lot of smoothies. The tail end of 2013 has been spent just figuring out my new path with the title of mother added to it.


  1. I literally LOVE every single photo! I want to chalk my hair too next year! It would be a fun thing to do!

    1. It is fun! It seems silly but totally worth it! :) I'm really happy and thankful that I captured a lot of moments this year on my camera! Thanks for such a sweet comment!

  2. I love this post. It makes me want to do a yearly recap. You accomplished A LOT! Once you have a baby, life changes but it becomes infinitely more beautiful. You may accomplish "less", but you are putting so many good things into another life, a sweet tiny life that is just starting. I found your blog in a very round about way, but I'm glad I stumbled onto it. You have got awesome style and I love your creativity; your daughter is just precious. :) God bless you in 2014!

    1. Thanks! You are so right it's worth accomplishing "less" to in a way accomplish more! You really kinda put it in perspective... because I have constantly been making myself feel bad that I don't want to accomplish anything except caring for her most of the time. I am realizing though that these moments have to be cherished because they will never happen again. I don't want to look back and not remember these times because I worried about other things that may never matter. Thanks for a sweet comment it means so much during a week when I feel like things just aren't going right!

  3. I can relate to that feeling of lacking. I had written a list of 25 things following my 25th birthday that I hoped to accomplish or follow within the year, that ended this past December 24th. Some were well fulfilled, others lacking...some barely touched at all. But when I look back on the year, there has been so much good. And so much more to come.

    Goals can be both a blessing and a curse. One needs to set expectations for themselves to meet, but at the same time cannot be too harsh when not all was done. We're only human after all. :-)

    Best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2014 for both you and your little one!


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