Juniper's 1st Christmas

I can't believe were a week away from Christmas! I am sooo happy that I have all my Christmas presents bought, wrapped and all my etsy orders out so that everyone gets them in time for Christmas. I had been putting Juniper's Christmas pictures off for too long and realized if I didn't get them done this week I wasn't going to get cards out until after Christmas.

I did this Christmas shoot by myself which was a lot harder than I thought especially since Juni can't sit up by herself yet. I usually get someone to help me steady her while I take pictures. Anyway one thing I learned from this was less is more. I spent 50 dollars on stuff to set up her little scene... half of this stuff you don't even see in the pictures! I hadn't planned on spending that much but I got way to excited. I wanted to make her an ice princess but the crown idea I had seemed a little too dangerous so she turned in to snow princess! I was inspired by that new movie frozen... I can't wait till she can watch cute movies with me and somewhat understand them.

I really like taking pictures of her instead of getting someone else to take them... it's just fun for me. Plus I am one of those people who have a strong vision of how I want things to look so it's hard for me to let anyone else try to do things or make things I need. It is a problem that I need to work on for certain things in my life.

Juni will be 5 months on the 20th I am soo proud of her because she has already discovered her 1st word... momma!!! I caught her saying mom a couple weeks ago when she would get really frustrated and wanted my attention. I couldn't believe it because I didn't understand how she would even know the word since I haven't said it toward her. Then my mom and sister pointed it out and I started saying momma to her a lot. Now she says it really clearly and she says it when I am not paying attention to her. I figured she most have picked it up from me yelling mom when I wanted my mom to come see something Juniper was doing. I really didn't think that would be her first word so Merry Christmas to me! Seriously she is the only thing I need under my Christmas tree this year to make me happy!


  1. She's such a cutie! Love the little dog too.

    Love to you both and merry Christmas, Davina.

    1. Love you Davina!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!


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