Project: Mini Cabin First Progress

 Well honestly this was just one day worth of work...and all we got done was leveling out the block for the foundation...anddd laying down the first of the boards.
I don't know why but I didn't take a picture of just the land...wish I would've but sometimes you just get so excited to get started!
I threw in a couple extra pictures of Cody's farm, the upper one is one of his horse Bailey that I took a couple of months ago. Horses are my favorite animal, another reason to just love his farm. :D

I am really happy though with what we got done today, it was pretty hard because the land was so uneven and getting everything square...its seems pretty easy until you have to do it! But that is probably just me. I'm just happy the first step is done...I guess because once you get started you know its got to get finished.
Please keep following along with me and my journey of the Mini Cabin! 


  1. this looks like a great project, I bet it's going to be amazing when it's finished!


  2. Beautiful picture of the horse! Especially getting that streak of light in there!



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