The past couple of weeks have been full of all night packing sessions while my baby sleeps but tonight I actually cleared off the list... meaning that I managed to pack and ship every order. Which also means I can take a time out and give my special fans a deal on a super sweet gift fit for anyone!

Send the gift of life right to someones front door with this 10 dollar sale special! This little hand held terrarium is the perfect little gift for those who you have forgotten at the last minute, those who have everything or those who you just can't think of a gift for....

Be sure to change your address at checkout to whoever your sending it to and leave a note in the comment section stating who it is from: and who it is to:, Which we will include free of charge!

Comes wrapped beautifully and include easy care instructions!!

Works great in offices, kitchens, bathrooms, curio shelf, and any other little cute place you want!

Last day to make a purchase and have this delivered by Christmas is the 18th! SO ORDER TODAY!! and make someone feel real special!

Find it here!!!

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