Inspiration for Project: Mini Cabin

Mini-cabin camping in BC. Perfect.
Mini Cabin...no electric, no running water, four walls, a roof, wood burning stove and a front porch and maybe an outhouse (gotta have one of those!!)

Me and my boyfriend decided awhile back that we wanted to build a mini home...but I knew we needed a little more time and a little more practice, also jumping into something so permanent is a little scary at first so we decided on something a lot less cheaper, and something not so permanent aka a Mini Cabin! Something that friends and family could enjoy and something we could enjoy too!

Tiny House Ideas- Design Shuffle
Also my boyfriend, his name is Cody, lives on a pretty large farm, with rolling hills, a pond, a creek,  and lots and lots of woods to explore in. His farm runs right next to this place called the Pinnacles which is a beautiful site that people like to visit in our town. 
Gorgeous loft bedroom

Of course when we changed our idea I had to get on pinterest, (who doesn't?) and look up images of mini cabins. I was totally in awe on how sweet and cozy one of these could be. Its definitely exciting for both of us because Cody is a Construction Management major, so he's excited to build! And I'm most excited to decorate! 
Art Symphony: Small House in the Oaks
I know, I know some of these pictures are a little out there, I mean our plans are only for a 10x10 cabin, but a girl can dream right?
I can't wait to keep you guys updated on our progress! I hope you follow along in our journey of building our Mini Cabin! You can see a more quicker schedule of our cabin by following me on Instagram : nicolettekristin
Also if you have any questions or decorating ideas please let me know!! 


  1. My boyfriend and dad have actually been talking about doing the same thing ! Can't wait to hear about how yours turns out!

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  2. there's a website about a company who builds tiny cabins, if you subscribe to them you can download two of their plans, so that would be a start i guess, i think it's a beautiful dream :)

  3. The mini cabin project sounds great. With the combination of your boyfriend's skills and yours, I’m sure it will have a lovely result. I have the perfect place in mind, where you can have your own house built: your boyfriend's farm. If not, you can always look for houses in a ranch for sale, which you can easily purchase. All it takes are thorough research and a good agent.

    Darren @ Mirr Ranch Group


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