Goals for December

It's hard to make goals in December because it goes by way too fast. Between shopping for presents and the surge of purchases I have to pack in the shop there really isn't a moment to concentrate on anything else. Either way I'm gonna try to keep these things in mind and be happy with anything I do accomplish.

  1. Begin brainstorming the spring collection
  2. Put a little chunk of money back and start a budget
  3. Start making a list of new year resolutions
  4. Make a couple of good meals and a couple of unique cocktails
  5. Begin clearing off our lot
  6. Bake some holiday cookies and make other home made sweets (marshmallows) to gift
  7. Go out with my friends
  8. Send out Christmas Cards
  9. Pull out the Video Camera
  10. Print Pictures and Instagrams
What are some of your goals for December?


  1. I have bought all my presents, still have to write my Christmas cards.

  2. Just have to buy the food. Juniper's first Christmas! She'll love it.


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