Our Mini Post Baby Moon to the Smokies

In a perfect world pregnant married woman are swept away on a baby moon to enjoy some much needed rest, relaxation and last moments of being a couple without a baby. I understand it but at the same time my perfect isn't that. It's waiting till your babe is 4 months before getting the cash and the time to take a vacation. A much needed one.

I feel so lucky to live only a little less than 3 hours from the beautiful majestic smokey mountains of Tennessee. Just about every year my mom plans a trip for us all (my 3 other sister and all our boyfriends) to stay in a cabin and it is always fun. Justin and I decided to do it alone with just our little family this time. We wanted to be alone because at the moment we are staying with my mom and it's been almost a year now since we stayed in a place that was ours. All I wanted was 3 things... a hot tub on the porch, mountain views and a fire place. We were lucky to find Angels Nest, a cute little one bedroom cabin with amazing views.

Juniper will be 5 months on the 20th and I have to admit that little girl is perfect when it is just her and mommy and daddy. I think new sights really keep her occupied so she spends a lot of time just looking around. I really enjoyed the weekend but it was a little bittersweet for me as well. The year is coming to an end and our first family vacation is over... I am so grateful that god has been so good to me lately. I could count a million blessings. It is amazing what prayer does for my mind body and soul.


  1. Wow, this is definitely a great babymoon - peaceful and relaxing. Sounds like perfection!

  2. This place looks amazing! I am so jealous

  3. We are going to the mountains in Jan and I cannot wait!!!!


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