Filling an empty void

Giving ck yes, after much trying to keep it all, and much thrift store shopping, I can see anything I desire can be found when needed.

Lately I have felt a little less passionate about what I do. I wasn't sure why but I guess I have kinda felt like my purpose isn't enough. I am very lucky to be able to do what I do, be healthy and have the help I have had in the past year to do what I love which is create independently. I am not making enough to pay the bills on my own let alone buy anything extra but I still do make a decent profit from selling in my etsy shop and I feel like that is a blessing. So I was thinking and have been thinking for some time now about sharing some of that blessing to a cause that will help others.
Give something to a stranger that might change their life (money, time, or something else even bigger)
I never thought about donating some of my earnings to a non profit because I thought about how I don't even make enough to be totally self sufficient. I have come to the realization that giving is the one thing that not only makes me feel alive but it makes me feel like I do make a difference in the world even if I may not have a lot of things most people have. It's a tiny step toward a direction that is already making me feel purposeful. I am creating a purpose for myself and hopefully a beginning to a foundation for my daughter to give no matter what your situation is.

I really wanted to give to a local non profit but after quite a bit of research and some devastating news within my family I have decided that 10% of all sales in my shop will go to the American Cancer Society. 

Cancer is very prevalent in my family. Both my grandparents on my mom side died of it and many of my mom's family have been fighting it. I can only hope that this can be my way of doing something that will make a difference even if it may be small.

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