Manic Monday: Crystal Persuasion

....and it's monday again! My weekend was packed with birthdays including my best friend and boyfriend . Then I turn 6... yes I said six on Wednesday for a leap year which I have been waiting for the past four years. If your wondering how it feels to be a leap year baby... it's a cool story and that's about it. Sometimes I wonder if being a leap year baby is my so called 15 minutes of fame because everyone seems to enjoy the story. Besides all of that I have been working on the hidden parts of my business which include boring things like better shipping strategies, organizing, and working on my photography skills as well as getting better programs to support my blog and shop needs. I tried to take the weekend to enjoy life for a bit and be more social (physically: as in actually in person) with my friends and family. Last week I was bummed because I felt unappreciated, it seemed that if I needed someone they weren't there but as soon as I was about to give up I had two people who changed my mind. The first was a wonderful lady by the name of Brittani Rogers she sent me the two wonderful wire wrapped crystal pendants pictured above along with a lot of other really cool things she creates (I really hope she creates a shop that I can share with you all soon). Lets just say she helped me change my mind about certain things when it comes to etsy! The other lovely lady by the name of Felisha Bowman was kind enough to help a starving artist get a program that she has been wanting for a long time now and saved me lots of money that I really don't even have. Just saying as soon as you feel like giving up on people just wait... that one sweet person will change your mind and life we be good again!! As for the other pictures above... I was excited to receive some better quality materials for pieces that will be arriving spring. Some of these better quality items include sterling silver chain and awesome rainbow titanium crystals as well as real howlite skull beads and vintage blue mason jars for terrariums! Also I will be introducing some zen sand gardens like the one pictured above. Overall my main focus for the next couple of weeks will be working with all the wonderful materials I have acquired in the past few weeks and bringing some new products out for spring. So keep your eyes peeled.... after all it is just another manic monday!

<3 little red feather

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