Manic Monday: A breath of Fresh Air

Yeah today is a new day!! The past couple weeks I have really been focusing on this blog so much that I was neglecting my shop a bit. My sales have just been trickling in lately and it has actually given me the time I need to just breathe and refresh. So I have been back in my spare room studio working on new ideas and using all the good materials I have gathered lately. Like the beautiful flowers above.... but that's a secret project you will just have to watch the shop to see what comes of those. 

I having been adding lots of really cool items to the shop and rearranging things a bit. I think I am finally starting to figure out my style and it really feels good when your style can finally shine through! Check out the mermaid dream catcher pictured above that I recently listed! I am spending some more time on the quality of my products  and their uniqueness rather than just throwing anything up. 

So today is a new day :) I am extremely happy about my blog so far and the cool part is I am starting to have fun with it and I get excited about my next post! My next big step with the blog is the visual design, banners, tabs and dreaded html. So keep your eyes open you never know when this whole blog is going to get its face lift. I have the program to get started I am just having trouble with customer service giving me the serial number so I can download it onto my computer and use it (its been 2 weeks of sending emails and they still are sending me in a circle of who to contact)! 
So I have been slightly frustrated with that and other little things... and my boyfriend was getting the brunt of it so he said come on lets go. Lets go? I thought uhhh ohhh.... He said turn the laptop off and don't ask questions. I put on my flip flops and he was like "ugggh you might wanna put on your hiking boots and grab your wolf pack!"
Little did I know that boots weren't the only thing we needed to bring along for this trip. He had me and his nephew repelling down the side of a mountain. This mountain was nearly vertical! There was no way I could walk down it without falling in the mud and sliding which mind you I did several times before I figured out a safer route. I even split my favorite pair of jeans :p I sat on my butt and slide down it, grabbing onto roots and trees just to slow myself down. That was the fun part... before I thought how in the world we were going to get back up it.  
Before we left on this adventure there were tornado warnings in the area but that didn't stop my little storm ranger on his mission armed with a fishing pole! Could it get anymore dangerous with an 12 year old trailing behind us? It was beautiful though, seriously untouched with lots of glorious natural treasure that I carefully collected in my wolf pack and just as the storms were rolling in we reached our destination.
His mission was to fish... mine was to lay on the ground and take a deep breath. When I looked over and found this....
Ha ha he was soooo cute and friendly! He just made the day perfect! 
And as he wandered off... I saw a flash of lightening and Justin saying "ok we got to go!" We were racing back the hour it took us to get there on foot and it only kept getting darker! At this point my good ole camera was wrapped up in my fleece and shoved down the bottom of my wolf pack for safety! 

There was the mountain in all its glory in front of us and a big black storm cloud behind us. It began to sprinkle and I was pushing us to head up that mountain as fast as we could move. I was crawling, covered in mud, face red as my hair, blood veins popping out making two steps ahead only to slide back five. We literally shove our arms in the mud and used each other to climb that mountain... me screaming shut up the whole way. I was sooo worried about his nephew but he was super good! 

It was an adventure that I had been needing for some time now. Something to scare me and push me to do things that I didn't think were possible because that's the wild! If it started pouring we would have never made it up that mountain but we did and it was a great accomplishment! 

Check out some of the wonderful treasures I found. PS the nest was naturally fallen laying on a pile of leaves. I would not take a nest out of a tree! I found lots of petrified wood which I hadn't seen since I was a little girl exploring the farm field behind our house! I was super excited!

A big thanks to my boyfriend Justin for giving me some much needed fresh air and excitement! 

Hope you enjoy my little story and a change to my normal manic monday post! 

What are some treasures you have found while out in nature that you just had to take with you?
Have you ever been in a crazy situation out in the wild?
I love comments!

<3 little red feather


  1. what an amazing day! and a bit scary too :) you found some beautiful treasures! on some memorable hikes on the beach we'd come home with bags and bags of shells, stones, crab claws and lots of sand. love those days!

  2. The beach is a beautiful place to collect really cool treasure :) Wish I lived closer to it!


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