Fabulous Friday: TGIF

Ughhhhhhhhhh.... let me start by saying it loud and clear... THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!

Even though my birthday was this week it seemed that every time I tried to be happy someone wanted to bring me down. I just don't get it...  why do people do that? 

I appreciate people's opinion but honestly I think there are too many opinions in this world for someone to be throwing it at you when they have no idea what your life is like.

For any special occasions I try to make the most of it for anyone in my life. I try to think of others often and give of myself even if there isn't a reward. I believe that this is how people should live but have been disappointed year after year when I put myself out and get, shall we say, thrown under the bus. 

One thing I have learned is that you can't expect anyone to treat you as you treat them. So scratch the whole idea of treat others the way you want to be treated because most of the time it won't happen. 

I think you have to want to give of yourself not to expect it from others but to know that deep inside yourself you did something good. I always feel great after I have made someone smile or helped someone out even if they are not grateful. 

If anything I have learned to turn any negative energy I receive from others into fuel. Fuel that would light a fire inside me to keep me doing what I do that makes me happy no matter what is said about it. 

I was shocked by negative energy from someone close to my heart this week. I found myself wrapping up in a ball crying, wondering what was wrong with me to make someone say something so mean. I slept for a long time with the worst nightmares and woke up thinking to myself GET OVER IT. This is my life and no one owns me. If I dwelled on every opinion I would probably lose my mind.
Do not let opinions of others consume you
So let me just say that opinions are just that opinions... everyone has them but you have to be selective and choose to listen to those that will make you a better person. Not those that will leave you in a ball crying ;p

opinions are like
Opinions are what make us human and the truth is I have had many but I think it's important that we think before we speak. Something I need to practice myself  :)

So for this post I want to show you some things that always make my day brighter and lift my spirits. It's the little things in life that are fresh and simple which have not been corrupted by the world just yet that I tend to turn to.


Any fresh from the ground produce makes me feel better. 
cute cute cute.
Sweet little kids always make me smile :)
brownies :)
Brownies never let me down... for thirty mins of my time they just keep giving :)
here Kitty Kitty
A good movie is a great mind release... to be specific I always turn on breakfast at tiffany's... moon river relax's me quickly.
Anything soft and furry... dogs really are a humans best friend! (I want one sooo bad)

kraft mac and cheese. mmm!
Warm and comforting... one bowl and I am already feeling better!

Aww, kitty kitty
kitten... I should not have to explain this. ;)
If money is available shopping can always make you feel special! lol sad but true! Sometimes you need to treat yourself.
fresh air
This one has always been a tough one to actually push myself to do but fresh air and sunlight will change your attitude completely! This is always guaranteed... just hard to accomplish if your really down and out.


Talking to anyone is a super release... just make sure that person is a listener that is the best kind for moments when you have had enough opinions. Be sure to return the favor!!
I love this. My favorite Talking Heads lyrics.

Music... as long it's lightens the situation rather than reminding you of it. I prefer Talking Heads when I need to feel better. The picture above is a lyric from a song by the talking heads that's my favorite!

dancing ^_^
Dancing... whether I just break down all by myself or invite my sister over for a dance off. Moving your body will allow you to release the negative energy trapped inside!
Jenna Marbles!
and if all else fails or I lack inspiration to do any of the above... I turn to Miss Jenna Marbles on YouTube. Her attitude helps me see that I am not alone in my weird thoughts on life. I relate to her and she always cracks me up!

Soooo... I just gave you a bunch of techniques to help you feel better when your down. Have any new ones for me? I would love to hear what you like to do to lift your spirits!

<3 little red feather
ps. have a wonderful weekend!


  1. count my blessings, remember i am loved by those who know the real me, listen to music, get out in nature. spending time in nature is a big one for me. i need to feel the earth beneath my feet and breathe the fresh air. sometimes i have to organize or sort something because a sense of accomplishment uplifts me.

  2. willow those are great additions to this post! Thanks soo much for sharing. You are very right about the power of nature! The organizing I have done before and just didn't realize till you said that.. that it helps me overcome bad thoughts!


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