Spring into Clean and Feel like a Queen

SpringSpring begins on March 20th!! I am totally shocked because there was a huge snow storm last night in Kentucky with the day before being a tornado and 80 degree weather. The good thing is that I can start preparing for spring... much like you prepare for winter by bringing your plants in and changing the wardrobe it's time for the reverse! 

 So let the countdown begin... 15 days. My main priority for the next 15 days will be to get ready and start SPRING CLEANING. Not just our apartment but my body as well. Just thinking about it all gives me a headache but I feel that the first thing I need is a list... a complete list. 

Usually when I draw up "the list" I start with my main goals and go from there because we all know if we wrote down a list with everything in our head we would lose a hand to exhaustion and our mind to confusion. 

So here is an example of my main goals for spring cleaning... 

  1. Better Health 
  2. Better Organization
  3. Clean Apartment
  4. Clean Car
  5. Fresh Spring Wardrobe
  6. Prepared Yard
  7. Organized Finances
  8. Better Relationship
From here I begin to hash out the main things I need to accomplish each goal, kind of like this...

Spring Orzo Pasta Salad with Asparagus and Artichokes from @Shaina Olmanson of Food for My Family1. Better Health
  • Clean out fridge and pantry
  • Create a new grocery list with fresh food (healthy foods)
  • Create Exercise Plan and Chart
  • Take before Picture, print and display for motivation
  • Create list of good goals/ motivation to be healthy 

2. Better Organization ( I am thinking about major things I need organized)

  • Bedroom
  • Studio 
  • Pantry 
  • Laundry room
  • bathrooms
  • Closets

3. Clean Apartment ( a list of the things that must be done in order for apartment to be spring cleaned)
  • Dishes, Laundry (on going, can be accomplished throughout day... Don't forget wash blankets, pillows, sheets, curtains, rugs)
  • Living Room, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Bedroom, Spare room, Hallways (quick pickup)
  • Dusting, ceiling webs, ceiling fans, vents, Wipe down furniture
  • Sweep, Vacum, Mop, base boards (get air circulating through apartment, check vents/filters)
  • Find areas of clutter and get rid of some stuff (goodwill /yardsale pile/box)
  • Remove all garbage
  • Clean windows, Move plants outside, Magic erase walls and doors and lightswitches
  • Scrub toilets, showers, sinks, stove, fridge, cabinets

spring4. Clean Car
  • Pick up trash and junk
  • vacum
  • wipe down/ armor all 
  • clean windows
  • oil change
  • Wash outside of car, rims and tires
  • Clean trunk, console, back seat pockets and compartments
  • Check for emergency kit

spring5. Fresh Spring Wardrobe
  • reorganize closet
  • remove clothing from winter and switch with spring wardrobe
  • get rid of clothing I don't need
  • organize draws and lessen clutter
  • organize shoes and bags... remove anything that has not been used
  • Make list of new essentials I need for spring... ie new shorts, tanks, tops, flip flops 

6. Prepared Yard
  • Pick up trash, cigarette butts, bottles anything that is harmful to environment 
  • Rake / Pick up natural debris like leave, sticks
  • Cut back or remove dead plants/ weeds
  • Mix/turn up soil 
  • Find planters/ tools and clean off area to set up gardening station
  • Make List of materials for my garden
  • Draw out plans brainstorm
  • Pull out spring furniture/decor

7. Organized Finances
  • go through filing cabinet and shred unnecessary documents
  • Collect all important documents from around apartment and file
  • Make list of bills, Income, debt
  • Create a plan 
  • Write out goals for money
  • Get a savings account
  • Pay any late bills
  • Create a Money Notebook

8. Better Relationship
  • talk with bf about our relationship... the good things, the bad, the ugly
  • find a fun quiz or make one to see how well we know each other
  • write out goals together
  • make a list of things we want to do in the spring/summer together
  • plan one day a week devoted to the relationship
  • make a list of fun dates, challenges

And there you have it... that took a little over an hour but that deep pain I had earlier is gone and my head no longer hurts. I feel more confident now because I can attack spring cleaning one thing at a time and not get side tracked by all the overwhelming thoughts! I know what I have to do now it's time to start marking them off one by one and hopefully be done before spring is here. I will definitely keep you updated. 

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Anyone have any helpful advice for spring cleaning or any rituals lol? What is something on your list that I don't have? Am I missing something let me know? Did you find this helpful? I hope sooo!

I love comments!

<3 Little red feather

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