Weird Wednesday: Not Your Average Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the rough
The great thing about etsy is the wide variety of products you can find to personalize and individualize your style. I am always amazed at the things I find and think of how creative people can be in a world full of ideas.

 Lately Jewels have been my thing sooo here are some beautiful pieces that you wouldn't find anywhere else! I love them all. Be sure to check out the shops (links will send you right to the shop). 

These items are truly inspiring and very neat little works of art!

I often think that when I become rich I will open a little jewelry gallery to show off all these unique treasures!

Stone Jewelry Diamond Ring, Hand Painted  Whimsy Art  Ring - Adjustable, geometric triangle gift under 25
Stone Diamond Ring by Shebbo Design

Carnival Cotton Candy Necklace - Pink or Blue
Carnival cotton candy Necklace by Fatally Feminine
How Strange It Is - Banner Necklace - Made To Order
How Strange Banner Necklace by Rare Indeed
Amalgam tooth earrings, dental oddity
Amalgam Tooth Earrings by Frankie Fuji Forever
Tin of Sardines Pendant
Tin of Sardines Pendant by Ricky's Luna Parc
Soft spikes textile necklace
Soft spikes Textile Necklace by kjoo
i'd rather be watching tv
I'd rather be watching TV ring by Rock Cakes
Goldfish In A Bag Necklace
Goldfish in a Bag Necklace by CuteAbility

Ring Me // Contemporary Jewelry -- Triangle Gold Ring
Triangle Gold Ring by Ringme

Bison Ring, Buffalo ring, Modern animal ring, cool ring, animal head ring, whimsical, animal jewellery, whimsical jewelry, animal lover gif
Bison Ring by Hide n Seek

Chunky Bangle Bracelet, Bird on a Wire, resin, photo bracelet, by BuyMyCrap
Bird On Wire Bangle by Buy My Crap

3D Wooden Camera
3D Wooden Camera Necklace by bRainbow

Fluttery Butterflies wide Cuff Bracelet or Anklet -Natural Colors- Made to order
Fluttery Butterflies Cuff by Jewelera

Gummi Bear Candy Goody Treasure Charm Bracelet - Candy Resin and Cupcake Sprinkle - Kitsch Kawaii and Glitter Resin - Candy Glam
Gummi Bear Candy Goody Bracelet by athinalabella

Wearable Plant - Secret Suprise Dome GemSprout Pendant
Wearable Plant Secret Surprise Pendant by Gem Sprouts

Wearing Bling Wearing Bling
Wearing Bling Ring by doll disaster design

What piece would you give as a present? To who and why? Which would you keep for yourself?

I love comments!!

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  1. Totally awesome and unique finds! Love them all! Thanks so much for featuring my "stone diamond ring" in your lovely blog!


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