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So as the weather gets warmer I seem to get more inspired to work out and get healthy. Mainly because I want to be able to enjoy all that spring has to offer. I have found that my main reason behind all of it is the energy benefit and the confidence boost. Those seem to be my main motivations and it always works a lot better if I focus on those rather than trying to lose weight.

With that being said for the past 3 years now I have come up with a Plan that keeps me motivated and tends to work. I call this plan... The Motivation Challenge. 

The most important aspect to this chart are your workout buddies. I tend to cling to my family to fill the void because I can usually call them and make them feel guilty if they try and give up on me vice versa. I want to say that the motivation of others is always a driving force but this chart can be enough motivation in itself if you choose to conquer it alone. Just remember a little competition never hurt anyone. 

So in this post I am going to give you a free download/ printable of my chart I created... which took nearly an hour. Don't ask me why. You can read on to see how the chart works and how to fill it out to fit your personal needs.

Here is the download/Printable...
The Motivation Challenge Chart

Now that you have you copy... you should be able to either print and fill out by hand or fill in using word on your computer.

Underneath names you will need to put...
Who is Participating. Here is how I would fill that in...
  1. Courtney
  2. Nicky
  3. Elisha
  4. Tammy
The first box beside the names reads Start Weight. Each week you will weigh yourself in and at the end of that week you will weigh yourself in again (notice the box at the end that says end weight). This is just to see progress and is in no way determine the "challenge winner".

Under each day of the week you will write in the number of points you earned for that day. 

 So we need to create a list of challenges and determine each of their point values. This list is something that I do research on and talk about with whoever is participating so we can all agree that these are things that can be accomplished. The thing you need to remember is that these things must be challenging but not too challenging. You also need to be realistic and realize that everything on this list is not going to accomplished everyday. 

Here is my list...
  1. No Pop.... 2 points
  2. No Fast food.... 3 points
  3. No Sweets... 3 points
  4. Stretched for 10 mins... 1 point
  5. Cardio.... each 15 mins earns you a 1 point so 45 mins would earn you 3 points
  6. Strength Training... For every 10 reps you earn 1 point so for 30 reps you would earn 3 points
  7. Water... for every glass you earn 2 points.
  8. Fruit/Veggies... 1 point each
  9. Whole Grains... 1 point
  10. Vitamin... 1 point
  11. Healthy snack... 1 point
  12. Fresh Air/ Sunlight... 1 point
  13. Pushed yourself Harder than Yesterday... 2 points
  14. Positive thoughts... 2 points
  15. Made a goal for tomorrow... 2 points
So going over the list you can see that I put things on there that can be accomplished everyday easily like positive thoughts, making a goal, fresh air, healthy snack... but I also included harder things such as no fast food, no pop and no sweets. Lastly I made sure to include challenges that could earn more points depending on how hard you pushed yourself. These will push you to work harder if you need to make up for another area. 

Like I said before these are not all going to be accomplished in one day... that is the point. You will have good days and bad days. This chart is a reminder of good things to accomplish as well as motivation. 

As you can see on page 2 of your print out you have enough space to create you own list of challenges! :) I have included mine as an example. 

The winner at the end of each month is the person with the highest number of points. Here are some rewards we have used in the past...

  1. One favor from each loser is granted
  2. A handmade trophy
  3. A money pot 
  4. A party
P.S. We also like to take before and After pictures at the beginning and end of each month to help see our progress!

So I hope you enjoyed this post and try the chart out! Let me know what you think!

Do you think this would work for you? Do you think it would be challenging? What is another challenge or reward you can think to add to my lists?

I love comments!

<3 Little red feather

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