Fabulous Friday: Be Your Own Trendsetter!

So I just discovered a site called polyvore! Which is awesome... and I feel like I might be a little behind the times because I am sure you all have heard of it. However for those of you who haven't it is a site where you can create sets or outfits virtually from real items for sale on the web. 

The great thing about it is that you can put an outfit together and determine the cost or just see if certain pieces will look right with others. I just started looking into it tonight but it looks like you can even do interior design and I noticed a lot of artistic collages by other members using all kinds of web images.

I am going to continue to explore it but here are three spring outfits I put together on polyvore...

My three looks include one for night gallivanting, one for daytime errands, and the last for an evening outing.
Jewel toned Warrior

Blushing Spring

Hints of Teal

Hints of Teal by run2thewild featuring a floral print shirt

Pretty cool huh?

I think I am in love! 

Have you heard of polyvore? What is your opinion on the site? Have any useful tips for me? Whats your favorite of the three?

<3 little red feather

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