It's a Yummy Thursday! Bust out the Grill!

Our first official grill out of the year was yesterday and if there is one thing Justin and I love it's grilling. We  grilled out so much last year that my sister told me she was sick of eating grilled food. I mean how can you get sick of grilled food? It's like a summer spring must soo anyway here is what we cooked up!

 We love to experiment... which tends to come in the form of spices, oils and butter! So I bought a giant red potato sliced it into fourths and then sliced those pieces into thin slices. I made a little packet out of foil and dropped the potato slices in it with about a fourth a stick of butter, a drizzle of olive oil and loaded various spices... mostly ms dash garlic and herb and some chicago steak rub.

I love bratwurst... so I created another little foil pack for them and cut up a bunch of onion added it to the foil and a squirt of lemon.

Justin is the best at hamburgers and hot dogs! He love lots of spices and often says the combination is a secret ingredient! Those are my little packets in the back :D
Here is the result when we opened the packets after around 30-45 minutes of sitting on the grill!
 The onions caramelized sooo nicely it was very sweet and good. It makes me want to try taking a whole onion drizzling it with oil and slapping it on the grill!
 The potatoes were awesome! Very flavorful and soft... I wish there were leftovers. :(
 Here are his hot dogs and Hamburgers... Yummy!
And this was my idea of a meal.... check out the good old pasta salad... one of my favorites!

So did that make you hungry? If soo bust out the grill lets see what you come up with!

I love comments! 

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  1. Im definately hungry especially since I was out the door this morning without enough time for breakfast. Your grilling looks amazing. I might just have to fire up our grill this evening.

  2. Ohohoho, this looks so amazing! Bratwurst AND potatoes - my two definite favorites :)

    I'm stopping in from 20SB (I noticed you're a new member), and wanted to say welcome, Courtney!

  3. Thanks Heather! I am glad I made you all hungry!
    Thank you Naomi!

    Lisa :)


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