Wishlist Wednesday!

Instead of this Wednesday being weird I thought I would share with you my wishlist. I have been wanting soo many things... its soo hard to resist but here are 10 things I really wish I could afford to get!

Malibu Rainbow Drusy Ring with Triangles- Handmade and One of a Kind by Rachel Pfeffer 
1. This Ring
A really great fun-day/birthday treat idea. I need to get a fuji instamax camera!! 
2. This Camera

pop up camper 
3. This Camper
Vintage green polkadot dress 
4. This dress
Vintage Kitchen Canisters, Midcentury Housewares, Cotton Candy Pink Mothers Day Gift, RETRO Kitchen Containers, Vintage Props 
5. These Kitchen Accessories
1970s Vintage Orange PHILIPS 113 PORTABLE Design Record Player Turntable, battery or main operated 
6. This record player
bzr Hand-dyed Ombré Tights in Fuschian Violet 
7. These tights

colorful laptop skin 20 Really Cool Laptop Skin Designs 
8. A new Laptop
Bison - 10x14 buffalo print - brown home decor - buffalo - bison - rustic decor - brown decor - buffalo decor - western decor 
9. This Print
rainbow hair 
10. This Hair

oh and can I throw in this please...
Alaskan Klee Kai... aka mini husky!!! I NEED! 

Anything on your wishlist currently?
I love comments !

<3 little red feather


  1. oh those tights are amazing, but the puppy... just might beat all. what a face!

  2. I been wanting a pupppy like that for a while now... just can't have one in my apartment!:(


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