Thrifty Tuesdays: Swimming Trunk Skirt

Last week I talked about how I visited Salvation Army in search of some summer/spring clothing but realized it was a lot harder than I thought to find any bottoms that fit right, I think I need practice ;p Anyway I ended up in the swim ware section attracted by the bright floral prints and colors.

 Rummaging through the racks I ended up in the swimming trunks intrigued by their colorful and simple patterns. At 2 dollars a pair I just had to grab them so I ended up getting 3 pairs. 

I immediately thought that the easiest thing to do with them were to turn them in to skirts... and so began the snipping, sewing, brainstorming.

 I started by cutting the shorts to the desired length which happened to be where the pants were sewn together.
 I then snipped out the the middle sewn part.
I used the plaids lines to match up the two areas where the middle sewn part was so that it would lay flat and sewed them together.

 I snipped of the access. I did this a few times trying them on in between to see how it laid while wearing.

Of course I then cut the tag and viola........ a new skirt!

Here is the other pair I did! This fit a bit differently so I decided to make it into a high waist-ed skirt because of the nice big pockets!

The only thing I did different was not cut it short and added a cute little lace belt!
 I just used and old piece of elastic and lace that I had lying around.
 Measured it around my waist and sewed them together!

I think I will be making some more cute belts... this was defiantly a first and worked sooo well!
And wallla!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!!!

What do you think about swimming trunks skirts?

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